Great taste. High in calories. IDDSI Safe texture.

Rubicon’s purée bread is a versatile product that can be served as a simple scoop or shaped in a variety of ways. With 136 calories per serving, and options to easily enhance calories, protein and fiber, our purée bread is a nutrient rich menu item that can served for breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Taste, color and presentation can be enhanced with our assorted purée bread flavorings. Flavors include apple spice, chocolate cake, cinnamon roll, honey wheat, lemon cake and pancake waffle. 

Designed with IDDSI in mind.

Our purée products and recipes meet the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI) best practices guidelines for food texture safety for levels 4 and 5 purée diets.

Shaped Purée Bread Recipes

Puree Bread Scoop IDDSI Lemon Cake

Purée Bread Scoops & Dinner Rolls

Plain or flavored purée bread scoops and dinner rolls.

Purée Bread Baked Loaf IDDSI

Purée Bread Baked Loaf
Plain or flavored purée baked bread loaves. Banana, cinnamon, apple spice, honey wheat and lemon.

Purée Bread Cinnamon Roll IDDSI

Purée Bread Grilled Sheet Pan Recipes

Purée bread toast, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls and pancakes.

Purée Bread Grilled Cheese Sandwich IDDSI

Purée Bread Grilled Sandwiches

Sheet pan recipes for any purée bread grilled sandwich. Grilled cheese, peanut butter & jelly and meat & cheese combinations.

Purée Bread Doughnut Cinnamon Honey Wheat IDDSI

Purée Bread Mini Cakes & Doughnuts

Purée bread flavored dessert cakes and churro doughnuts. Cinnamon, apple spice, honey wheat, lemon and chocolate.

Purée Bread Chocolate Cake IDDSI

Purée Bread Cake

Purée bread recipes for chocolate, lemon and apple spice sliced and square cakes.

Two-Minute Training Videos

We have created a series of videos that can be used to easily train your staff on preparing our shaped purée bread line. Our videos also demonstrate IDDSI testing for safe texture standards.

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Product Specifications

Purée bread case IDDSI

Our purée bread is available in 20, 10 and 5 pound cases. Portions per case are 324, 162 and 81 #16 scoops. View our specification sheet below for all purée bread product details and nutritional information.

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