Easy recipes for simple scooped or shaped purée foods.

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Purée bread

Simple scooped or shaped purée bread recipes. 40% more calories than scratch or competitor bread. Twice as many with added bread flavorings.

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Purée pasta, rice & corn

Scooped or on the line shaping of purée rice, spaghetti, elbow macaroni, fettuccini and corn. Complimentary shaping tools available upon request.

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Protein shaping mix

Shape your purée proteins right on the serving line with our protein shaping mix and mold kits. Chicken breast, sliced meat, fish fillet and pork chops.

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Assorted bread flavorings

Enhance flavor, calories and variety with our assorted bread flavorings. Honey wheat, apple spice, cinnamon roll, chocolate, lemon and banana.

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Grilled coloring mix

Create grilled sandwiches or give a grilled look to your toast, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls and pancakes.

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Purée bacon & sausage

Start each day off right with purée bacon strips and sausage patties. The perfect side to scrambled eggs or purée biscuits and gravy.

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