Great tasting, easy recipes for scooped or shaped purée foods.

Designed with IDDSI in mind.

Rubicon is embracing the International Dysphagia Diet Standardisation Initiative (IDDSI). Our purée products and recipes meet the IDDSI best practices guidelines for food texture safety for Level 4 Purée and Level 5 Minced and Moist

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Purée Products

Purée Bread Baked Loaf IDDSI

Purée Bread

Simple scooped or shaped purée bread recipes. 40% more calories than scratch or competitor bread. Twice as many with added bread flavorings.


Purée Cornbread

One-step just add water recipe. Serve as a simple scoop, squares or muffins. Top with our grilled coloring mix for a baked look!


Assorted Bread Flavorings

Enhance flavor, calories and variety with our assorted bread flavorings. Honey wheat, apple spice, cinnamon roll, chocolate, lemon and banana.


Purée Bread Supplement

+5g Protein and +5g Fiber

High-quality supplement for your at-risk, undernourished residents on level 4 purée diets.


Purée Pasta

Scooped or on the line shaping of purée spaghetti, elbow macaroni and fettuccini. Complimentary ricer tool available upon request.


Purée Rice

Scooped or on the line shaping of purée rice granules. Complimentary ricer tool available upon request.


Purée Corn

Simple scooped or on the line shaping of corncob. Complimentary molds provided with each order of corn mix.

Puree porkchop. Puree protein. Puree chicken.

Protein Shaping Mix

Shape your purée proteins right on the serving line with our protein shaping mix and mold kits. Chicken breast, sliced meat, fish fillet and pork chops.

Puree bread cinnamon rolls

Grilled Coloring Mix

Create grilled sandwiches or give a grilled look to your purée toast, cinnamon toast, cinnamon rolls and pancakes.

Puree eggs. Puree sausage.

Purée Bacon & Sausage

Start your residents day off right with purée bacon strips or sausage patties. The perfect side to scrambled eggs or puree biscuits and gravy. 



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