Purée Pasta

On the line shaping shaped spaghetti, elbow macaroni, fettuccini or simple pasta scoop. 


Purée Rice
On the line shaping of purée rice granules or simple rice scoop.


Purée Corn

On the line shaping of purée corncob or simple corn scoop.

Complimentary Shaping Tools

Purée Ricer

Durable tool for shaping of spaghetti, elbow macaroni, fettuccini, and rice granules. Contact us to request with purchase of pasta or rice mix.

Corncob Shaping Mold

Shaping corncob molds are provided with each order of purée corn mix. 

Protein Shaping Molds

Shaping molds for purée chicken breast, fish fillet, stacked meats (ham, turkey, meatloaf) & pork chops. Molds provided in your first order and every fifth order after that. 

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