Bread Scoops & Dinner Rolls

Mix it up with our assorted flavorings...

Apple spice, chocolate cake, cinnamon roll, honey wheat, lemon cake and pancake waffle.

...using the same recipe for all...

Designed to be consistent across all flavorings, simply add 1/4 cup flavoring to 1 cup purée bread.

...and serving delightful plate presentations.

Plate your purée bread as a simple scoop or easily flatten and shape as a dinner roll.



5 Servings #16 Scoop

Purée Bread Mix (Rubicon or Darlington): 1 cup (140g)

Rubicon Purée Bread Flavoring Mix (optional): 1/4 cup

Salted butter: 2T

Hot water (170-185°F): 1 cup, 2T

10 Servings #16 Scoop

Purée Bread Mix (Rubicon or Darlington): 2 cups (280g)

Rubicon Purée Bread Flavoring Mix (optional): 1/2 cup

Salted butter: 4T

Hot water (170-185°F): 2.25 cups


1. Combine purée bread mix and optional flavoring mix in a bowl.

2. Break the butter into small pieces and add to mix.

3. Slowly whisk in the hot water until well blended.

4. Transfer to a serving pan using a spatula and serve using a #16 scoop.

5. For a dinner roll presentation, slightly flatten top of scoop and create grooves with the spatula.


  • Can be served at room temperature or warmed. If serving warm, place in steam table line or heat in 350°F oven covered for 5-7 minutes.
  • HACCP Suggestions: Up to 4 hours room temperature. Up to 72 hours under refrigeration.

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